Be competitive! Get Familiar with Tools for SEO competitor analysis

So, you are thinking that your competitors are actually outranking you? That may be true! And that is not good news. But wait! There is something you can do to help your page reach more people and become more searchable. This may sound difficult, but believe me! Others are using this and they are actually improving their rank.

Here’s what: there are tools for SEO competitor analysis that you will use in order for your site to be on the highest rank in the search. There are many of them, but let’s talk only about few ones which are very much helpful.

Similar Web

This tool provides you an overview of website traffic, referrals, social media, advertising displays, and other similar sites and apps. Checking on similar sites will give you an idea where you might rank on the list, considering that you have almost the same site.


If you are running a business site, Alexa would be more helpful to you. This tool provides deep analytical insights to compare and optimize business on the seoexpert brad. Entrepreneurs, this tool is for you. If you are a digital marketer, Alexa gives you insights to optimize your users. When it comes to competition, this will guide you understand the view of the business you are entering. Moreover, this is also helpful to publishers and site owners because you can accurately monitor monthly visits, page views, etc.

Keyword Competitor

This is a tool that would make you value your keyword. This might be ignored by your competitors, so it’s a chance for you to take a look at it very well. Here’s what: it is very important that you use the right keywords. You may integrate the long tail keywords into your blogs and increase your search performance.

There are more tools for SEO competitor analysis that you should be looking into aside from the mentioned above. Be competitive and improve your rank.

How to Purchase the best hamster cages

Hamsters make adorable and amazing pets. These little beloved creatures give us so much love and joy every minute of the day. The kind of hamster found in our local pet shops is the Syrian hamster or the golden hamster. Hamsters are active and happy pets. Giving them the best quality of a home is the thing that they deserve. What are the qualities of the best hamster cages?

The best home for a hamster should be well-ventilated. The air can pass through the cage to give the hamster some fresh air. Proper ventilation can also regulate the temperature inside the cage. A hamster cage should also give a comfortable and soft bed for the hamster.

The hamster can rest and sleep well inside the cage after hours of playing and adventure if the surface is soft. The hamster cage should also provide fun and adventure to your adorable pet by providing a wide array of safe and challenging toys. Now that you know the characteristics of best home for our beloved little hamster friends, let us know the different ways of purchasing the best cage for your hamster. Get more Interesting details about best hamster cage on

Different ways of purchasing a good quality hamster cage
• Go to a pet shop nearby. Ask for different models of a hamster cage. Hamster cages may vary depending on the number of toys inside the cage, the size of the cage, the materials used for constructing the cage, and a lot more. Choose the hamster cage most suitable for your beloved pet.
• Ask for recommendations. Ask a friend who also loves hamsters to give you different reviews on different hamster cages. Asking a fellow pet owner is very helpful especially if you are just a beginner when it comes to owning pets.
• Lastly, shop online. There are a lot of online stores selling good quality cages. Look for a website which provides complete and precise details about the hamster cage.

All you need to know about marquis reagent

Is the name Marquis Reagent sounds familiar? Or heard it just right now and still wondering what this thing is used for? If you are in the pharmaceuticals, or in a food and drug industry, maybe you are familiar with this substance and its uses. But for normal people, this may sound intriguing.

What is Marquis Reagent?

If one is attempting to identify the compounds found in a specific substance, a marquis reagent is the best thing to be used. It is a spot test to identify alkaloids and other compounds. It causes chemical reaction when added. Marquis Reagent causes to change colour on the substance being tested and this is how it reacts. When it comes to chemical reaction, it varies depending on the substance being mixed with Marquis Reagent.

What Marquis Reagent is made of?

Marquis Reagent is a mixture of formaldehyde and concentrated sulphuric acid. These substances are helpful in identifying illicit drugs from alkaloid family. Learn more about marquis reagent on wim scilabs.

How Marquis Reagent works?

The substance, known to be a mixture of formaldehyde and sulphuric acid is being dipped into the substance you are trying to test. A change in colour would tell you that there is a chemical reaction happening. Included in your kit are guide to know what this changing of color means. It includes chart for you to easily identify what substance is present. When color does not change, it means that there is no content of any columns in your test kit is capable of testing. Moreover, this could also mean that the substance you are testing may be adulterated with more than one substance which could hamper your goal of testing it.

Marquis Reagent is used as spot test for the purpose of immediately identifying the substance. Some substance may need to be analyzed in laboratories to further identify other substances present.

Does having Website security worth it

Maybe some of you might wonder why there are a lot of companies that offer security to websites well, in fact, there is nothing that you will get from these websites. Well, you are actually wrong about that. The internet is a really huge space for information and there are also a lot of classified information and data that can be used by someone at their advantage. Of course, there are hackers, virus, and malware that can damage some website and even use that information to get something that they want. That is why you need to make sure that your website is protected by this Website security.

It is totally worth it and it gives you peace of mind

Just like what has been mentioned before, any website that you see online is susceptible and at risk of being hacked or infected by virus and malware. And the only thing that you can do to help prevent this from happening is to make sure that your website is protected by Website security. Not only that, but you also have to make sure that the websites you are visiting are protected by it so that you will not get any virus or malware that can damage your laptop. Learn more about 먹튀 on

You will protect all of the important files that you have

It is totally worth it to spend money most especially if it is necessary for your protection online. You might think that this Website security is very expensive but if you really try to understand how it works you will then realize that it is just worth it.
So if you have a website and it is still not protected by Website security, maybe now is the best time for you to have it protected and prevent it from being hacked and use all of that important information by someone you don’t know.


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